Level 3 Electrical Design

Overhead line design including line profiling, earthing test and calculations, wind loading on pole, stringing charts, and construction notes based on Essential Energy standards.

Electrical Engineering Consultancy

HV Network Connection studies, including fault & load flow analysis and protection studies.

Overhead & Underground Subdivision Design

Electrical Design Solutions is a Level 3 Accredited Service Provider, qualified to provide overhead and underground network designs for residential and commerical developments. We prepare design documentation that meet the approval standards of Essential Energy and arrange design certification for connections to existing substation, new pole-mount, and pad mount substations.

Powerline Relocation Design

Prepare design documentation and arrange design certification for the relocation of power pole, power lines, underground cables, and substations in Rural and Urban areas.

Concept Designs

We prepare concept designs to assist in identifying opportunites and constraints in servicing the development. Our concept designs can be used to prepare a preliminary estimate of the construction work.

Street Designs

Prepare Lighting design to supply and install light systems metered and non-metered scenarios including Category P Lighting, category V lighting, LED Lights etc.

Survey Data

Using High technology GPS to measure, map and document field data including poles, wires, and ground levels. Undertake soil resistivity test using Wenner 4 Pole method up to 32m spacing tests.

Study Services on Solar & Wind Farms

HV Network Connection studies, including fault & load flow analysis and protection studies. HV agreement preprations for private HV connections. Energy saving and management stratergies for commerical and industrial premises. Solar Cost/Benefit Analysis. Energy Audits for Energy conservation. Earthing, Harmonics, Fault Level and Steady State studies for grid connected Generators (including Solar and Wind Farms).